Chemical Stability And Acid And Alkali Resistance Of PVC Sheet

Author: admin / 2022-04-15

  PVC sheet (polyvinyl chloride) is a flame retardant material with good chemical stability and only low tensile cracking internal force. The material's properties also include high strength, stiffness, and hardness, an operating temperature range of -15 degrees to 60 degrees, and it is weldable.

  Features of PVC sheet:

  ① Strong corrosion resistance: suitable for anti-corrosion equipment in the chemical industry.

  ②Convenient processing: cutting, welding, and bending are very simple.

  ③High strength, high stiffness, and high hardness;

  ④Good electrical insulation;

  ⑤Good chemical stability; self-extinguishing;

  ⑥ Low water absorption; easy to stick, easy to paint;

  ⑦ The price is relatively low.

  PVC sheets are widely used in food, gifts, clothing, electrical hardware, handicrafts, toys, daily necessities, educational experimental supplies, medical and health supplies, tourism products, electrical appliances, electronic original gas parts, agricultural products, auto parts, anti-theft locks, etc. Compression molding, folding box packaging, stationery production, printing, etc.

  PVC sheet has good chemical stability, and acid and alkali resistance. In addition, other advantages of PVC sheets are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  ①Good light transmittance, the total light transmittance of the new film is greater than 85%; the light transmittance of crop light is small, and the 0.3m wavelength only passes 20%, so it is often the material of choice for PVC plastic bags, while polyethylene (PE) shed film After passing through 60%; after the button-type shed film condenses the light, the impact on the light transmittance is smaller than that of the PE shed film, but after a period of use, the light transmittance decreases due to the precipitation of plasticizers and adhesion of dust.

  ②Good moisture, low thermal conductivity, especially at night, the transmittance of surface wave radiation with a length of 6 to 15 meters is very small, only 20% of PVC plastic bags (more than 70% of polyethylene shed film), and the average temperature of the flow and the ground temperature are 1.23 ℃ and 1.05 ℃ were higher than polyethylene shed film.

  ③Good airtightness, the air permeability of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide are 3.0, 9.0, and 75 (10-14cm3/mmcm2SPa) respectively, but the air permeability of water vapor (6.9103g/mm24hm2Pa) is better than that of LDPE film.

  ④High tensile strength, good ductility, and strong wind resistance.

  ⑤Good weather resistance, generally PVC cosmetic bags can be used for more than 1 year.

  ⑥ Welding and bonding are good, which is convenient for splicing and repairing.