Common Problems And Precautions In Processing PVC Foam Board

Author: admin / 2023-02-21

  Today, PVC sheets manufacturers will explain to you the common problems and precautions in processing PVC foam boards. The processing performance of PVC foam boards is the same as that of wood. There is one thing to pay attention to when cutting PVC foam boards in the hollow because the hollow space is 23mm, if you do not pay attention to cutting, most of them will be cut with multiple overlapping pieces at one time, resulting in different spacing; Positioning, convenient processing, let's take a look at the common problems and precautions of PVC foam board:

  PVC foam board

  It can be formed by an engraving machine according to the design drawing, and the surface should be pasted with melamine board or baking paint; bending molding is only suitable for solid PVC foam board, and hollow PVC foam board is not suitable; the processing method is to use the upper and lower molds, in wood The surface of the mold is covered with an aluminum plate and the solid foamed plate is heated to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90°C, and the shape of the PVC foamed plate is directly extruded using the upper and lower molds without any change on the surface.

  The surface of PVC foam board can be treated with baking varnish, and the general category can be divided into general baking varnish, piano baking varnish, and ceramic baking varnish according to different processing methods; anti-UV components will be added during piano baking varnish processing to avoid surface color changes; on the surface In terms of hardness, the ceramic baking varnish is the best and has the advantage of scratch resistance.

  Next is the common processing method, sticking crystal board, melamine board, and melamine paper on the surface. For the edge banding part, the general processing is mostly an automatic edge banding machine, and the automatic edge banding machine is divided into roller type and melamine paper. There are two kinds of crawler types, but if you use hollow PVC foam board, it is recommended to use a crawler-type edge banding machine, which is less likely to cause unevenness on the surface after edge banding, and pressure adjustment is also very important; the color of the foam board is also recommended Use a color that is similar to the surface covering material to avoid the obvious color difference when shrinking after pasting on the melamine paper.

  Holes can be drilled directly with NC machines. It can reduce the density and increase the air content of the foam board itself according to the needs of the application, to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation and cost reduction.