How about wood plastic board? How should I choose?

Author: admin / 2023-02-09
Wood plastic panel is also a decoration material that is often used in home decoration. So what is wood plastic board? Is it plastic? Is wood plastic board environmentally friendly? Will there be formaldehyde pollution? For those who know less about WPC, you can learn about the material, advantages and disadvantages of WPC and purchase precautions through this article. Let's take a look at it together.
A, the general price of wood plastic panels is how much
       The price of these products is about 200 yuan a flat, its surface not only wear-resistant paint, but also with a beautiful grain, as a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production, high-density fiberboard process generated by the lignin, adding recycled plastic after granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composites, and then extrusion production group made of wood-plastic flooring.
Second, how about wood-plastic panels to do furniture
1、Long service life
       Compared with ordinary similar products, it has more advantages in the service life, whether from the waterproof or moisture, it will be better, especially in the humid environment, the advantages of wood plastic panels is very obvious; in terms of service life, wood plastic panels disadvantages are not obvious, in the panel should be considered more forward.
2、Strong plasticity
       For the plasticity of these products, almost no one has skeptical attitude, generally speaking, these products are the use of discarded wood for secondary processing, and shredded wood can be produced according to the needs of the market, which makes the wood plastic panels can not only highlight the personalized features, but also can reflect the personal style.
Third, how to distinguish the good and bad wood plastic board
       1, because it is wood products, so the appearance of the grain and wood is the same, with good grain reason, but compared to other different categories of products, wood plastic panels produced by the effect of wood grain is different, so you can be based on the appearance of the product color for the basic means of differentiation.
       2, different products, its weight is very different, while the density and quality of production, so in the inspection, it is recommended to further test, let's say look at the cross-section, to understand whether it has a feel, if it does not match the wood products, its roughness is high, it is recommended not to buy.
       3, in the purchase, it is recommended to ask the relevant business to show some necessary test reports, so that the quality of more assurance, of course, should also be in accordance with the consumer's own requirements to buy, not that you must choose a good product, in fact, the process of selecting goods according to their own needs and ability to buy that will be better and more practical.