How Do You Clean Color PVC Foam Boards?

Author: admin / 2023-01-13

  In the process of using the foam board, there are usually some stains on it. What method should we use to remove it? Is there a good way to clean the stains without damaging the PVC foam board?

  As we all know, the outer surface of colored PVC foam boards is very smooth, and if there is a stain on the surface, it is very difficult to remove it. For some users who are less difficult to clean, they can use absorbent sponges to rinse, but when rinsing, care should be taken that the water temperature should not directly act on the outer surface of the product.

  Method 1. Scratch method

  If you use some stubborn stains in color PVC foam boards, such as high-viscosity colloidal substances, you can use this method to remove stains. If you use a spatula to scrape off stubborn stains on the free foam board, be careful not to use sharp tools, so as not to scratch the outer surface of the product, which will affect the service life.

  Method 2. Drying with a rag

  Color PVC foam boards can not only be used as wall decoration materials but also can be used as flooring in some large public places. If the color PVC foam boards placed on the ground are contaminated by moving stains, the user can use the best cleaning method to wipe the stains on the outer surface with a rag, and then wash thoroughly.