How To Care For PVC Sheet

Author: admin / 2022-07-01

    PVC sheet is used very frequently in life, and its carrying load is also very large, so it becomes more important to take care of it in the process of use. To do a good job of nursing, many aspects need to be paid attention to and paid attention to in the process of nursing. Only from these aspects can a better nursing effect be achieved. Here's a detailed introduction to what you need to pay attention to when caring for PVC sheets.

     1. When caring for the floor, you must pay attention to cleaning it, which is also a primary task of caring for it. There will be a lot of stains on the floor in the long-term process. If these stains are not cleaned up in time, it will have a great negative impact on their normal use. Therefore, we must pay attention to cleaning it up after every day of use, and clean up the dirt on the ground, so that it will be better.

  2. When using, we must pay attention not to soak the floor in water for a long time. Although some waterproof glue used on the floor can play the role of water source partition, if it is soaked in water for a long time If it is inside, it also has a great negative impact on the service life of the floor itself. Therefore, when cleaning the floor, we must pay attention to using special water absorption equipment to absorb the sewage on it in time. This is also an important aspect.

  3. For some places with a relatively large flow of people and relatively large wear and tear on the floor, it should be noted that the cycle of maintenance and maintenance needs to be shortened, and the wax needs to be strengthened when waxing. The strength of the wax also needs to be increased in the number of times of waxing, to achieve a better effect.

    4. When caring for and cleaning it, be careful not to use too hard and rough cleaning tools to clean it, otherwise it will cause great damage to the floor.

    When caring for PVC foam board, many issues need to be paid attention to. The above are all things that need to be understood and have great benefits.