How To Choose The Right PVC Foam Board?

Author: admin / 2022-01-28

  When purchasing PVC foam board, attention should be paid to the sample. Only after the sample is tested and qualified, can it be purchased in large quantities. To ensure that the expected service life and use effect can be achieved after using the PVC foam board, it is necessary to select the appropriate PVC foam board when purchasing the PVC foam board. How to choose the right PVC foam board?

  The appearance of high-quality PVC foam board should have a dense and smooth surface, no scratches, and no obvious seam marks. A good PVC foam board will not seep or leak, and its surface will not easily absorb dust. Once there is rain, it can quickly wash away. Clean the dust, and the surface dirt will not appear mottled after being washed by rain many times.

  Carefully check and understand the raw materials and some physical parameters of the PVC foam board. A good PVC foam board has a suitable expansion coefficient and good biaxial tensile properties. In an environment with large temperature changes, its structure will not easily deform and cause excessive size changes. Therefore, when purchasing PVC foam board, you can check the composition of its raw materials, compressive and anti-load capacity, fire resistance grade, airtightness, usable temperature range, and other specific parameter information.