How To Clean And Maintain PVC Foam Board

Author: admin / 2022-02-19

  PVC foam can be used in all walks of life, which is why the cleaning and maintenance of PVC foam board are very important, and how should the cleaning and maintenance method be correct? Today, the Age PVC foam board manufacturer will explain to you.

  1. Remove all the soil and ground in time, pour the liquid of the degreaser and degreasing agent aqueous solution on the towel, and wipe the large area of ​​grease to clean the machine; the black offset is provided to the polishing machine with a white polishing pad for polishing. Long Black Offset can be a powerful Black Offset remover that is handled directly on the towel; glue or chewing gum, with another professional strong, sticks directly on the towel to remove.

  2. It is forbidden to soak the floor with water. Although some ground waterproof glues close the water, soaking in it for a long time will seriously affect the service life of the plastic floor, and the water that dries up in the process of cleaning with a water-absorbing machine in time.

  3. For the flow of people, if you wear a large area, the maintenance cycle should be shortened, and the frequency of waxing on high walls should be increased.

  4. It is forbidden to use hard and rough cleaning tools, such as steel wool, vegetable melon cloth, etc., to prevent sharp objects from hitting the elastic floor.

  5. People can place pads at the entrance of high-traffic public places to prevent sharp objects from hitting the elastic floor

  The maintenance method is very simple and does not require any tedious work. As long as it is kept clean every day, it can be gently wiped off with water. If it is stubborn stains, then we can use diluted soapy water or a small amount of detergent with a cloth Wipe, then rinse with water and dry. To avoid soaking in water, use steel wool, rough cleaning tools, and use a soft cloth. Avoid the collision of sharp objects. Through the above physics, the service life of PVC foam board can be extended.