PVC foam board is one of the environmentally friendly boards for home decoration

Author: admin / 2023-01-03
Many homeowners think that only solid wood is the material to do home decoration environmental protection, this is actually a misunderstanding, from the environmental point of view pure solid wood is indeed environmentally friendly, but pure solid wood also has many shortcomings. For example, the price is very high, the color is single, and solid wood requires a lot of wood, which is actually not environmentally friendly from the overall environmental protection, so PVC foam board is a good choice.
Some people may think that cedar finger-joint board with relatively small amount of glue, so environmental protection, this view is not right. Although the environmental indicators and the amount of glue, but the key is to see what glue, urea-formaldehyde glue is very high formaldehyde emissions, melamine glue is very low formaldehyde emissions, but urea-formaldehyde glue is cheap. pvc foam board manufacturers tell the majority of ordinary people or man-made panels are the main, solid wood products as a supplement.
There are many kinds of PVC foam boards used in the home decoration process, commonly used particle board, density board, multi-layer board, woodworking board, cedar finger-joint board, veneer board and melamine board. So the only way to prove the environmental performance of PVC foam board is to look at the amount of formaldehyde emissions, not what type of board. The PVC foam board uses self-developed patented soybean formaldehyde-free glue, food grade, glue does not contain formaldehyde, stupid, and other harmful substances.
       PVC foam board from the production to the workshop is all formaldehyde-free introduction. Really reassured people PVC foam board, and PVC foam board can withstand the test, the commitment to formaldehyde emission is less than equal to solid wood, such as exceed the standard false one to compensate ten.
    PVC foam board manufacturers how to remove PVC foam board dirt and good time point, PVC foam board when to remove the dirt is more appropriate, the good period of decontamination is before the stain is not dry, directly wipe clean with a rag directly, and then clean with water is very simple. The condition of the stain is related to many reasons, such as the composition of the stain, the color and the influence of temperature, etc. The general situation is as follows.
      1、Scrape off the stain mixture with a scraper, remember not to use sharp tools to avoid scratching the surface of PVC foam board.
       2、Use a rag to absorb the stain first, then carry out the following cleaning work to avoid spreading the stain.
       3、The order of cleaning PVC foam board dirt should be rinsed from the outside to the inside with an absorbent sponge block, do not use hot water.