Reasons For The Deformation Of PVC Foam Board

Author: admin / 2022-04-02

  PVC foam board is a kind of board with a closed cell structure, which makes it widely used. The main reasons for the deformation of PVC foam board are physical and chemical deformation.

  1. Reasons for physical deformation:

  1. Deformation due to high temperature during production

  Solution: Targeted high-temperature modification of plastic raw materials can effectively improve such problems

  2. Incorrect production leads to deformation. There are two reasons for this kind of deformation. First, the physical properties of the raw materials of the plate cannot meet the actual requirements of the product.

  Solution: Reconfigure the raw material formula to meet the actual requirements of the product.

  3. Incorrect processing and storage methods lead to deformation, such problems can be solved from the root cause

  2. Deformation caused by chemical reasons:

  The main reason is that the molecular structure of the raw material changes.

  The lower the density of PVC foam board, the easier it is to deform. Because the density is low, it is easy to deform with heat or force. If you choose a crust with a density of 0.8 or no foaming, the deformation will be small. PVC crust foaming is changed to PVC co-extruded foam board.

  Through the above article, I have a detailed understanding of the causes of the deformation of the PVC foam board, and I hope it can help everyone.