Selection Method Of PVC Sheet

Author: admin / 2022-11-25

  1. When purchasing PVC sheets, first observe whether their appearance is beautiful and smooth and whether it is in harmony with the decorative parts.

  2. The cross-section of the gusset is generally a honeycomb sleeve with grooves and grooves on both sides. Pay attention to whether the groove is straight and complete, whether the bite is smooth, and whether there are ups and downs and uneven heights in the local position.

  3. Fold the PVC sheet by hand to see how it bends and whether it is elastic. The sound is clear when you tap the surface with your hands, indicating that it has strong toughness and will not sag and deform under certain pressure.

  When choosing PVC boards, not only the price but also the quality should be considered. It is very important to learn how to choose good quality PVC sheets.

  What can PVC sheets be used for?

  There are many types of PVC sheets and plates, and different PVC sheets have different uses.

  1. PVC sheet transparent board: the transparent board is made by adding good auxiliary raw materials based on PVC sheet, and has various colors, such as white, brown, royal blue, and so on. This board is mainly used for house decoration, instrument liquid level display, and other parts.

  2. PVC sheet is a kind of sheet with a soft surface and bright color. It is mainly used for the decoration of trains or automobiles. It can also be used as a heat insulation pad and is also a good auxiliary material.

  3. In addition to the above two uses, PVC sheets are now widely used in chemical or industrial processing equipment and environmental protection equipment. It can also be often used in the decoration and communication industries.