The Requirements For The Paint Surface In The Production Of PVC Foam Board

Author: admin / 2022-03-11

  What should be paid attention to when designing the paint surface of PVC foam board? The surface of the PVC foam board is smooth and hard, and it is not easy to produce scratches, such as the painting process of PVC cabinets, the painting process of PVC bathroom cabinets, etc., so what should be paid attention to on the paint surface of this product?

  1. You can use the engraving machine to shape according to the design drawing, and then select the surface on which you want to paste the Meinite board or paint; but the hollow foam board needs to be noted that if the surface is not flat, only vacuum overmolding can be used. The material should be a 2mm thick PVC board.

  2. Bending molding is only suitable for solid foam board, not for hollow foam board; the processing method is to use upper and lower molds, cover the surface of the wooden mold with aluminum plates, and then heat the solid foam board to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90℃. At the same time, the surface of the foam board.

  3. Extruded directly from the upper die and the lower die. When self-adhesive PVC is extruded, different patterns of wood grains can be printed on the surface as required, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures.

  4. It can be coated with PVC foam board. According to different processing methods, the main categories can be divided into ordinary baking paint, piano baking paint, and ceramic baking paint. Anti-ultraviolet components will be added during the processing of piano paint to avoid surface color changes; in terms of surface hardness, ceramic paint has the advantage of being scratch-resistant.