The wide range of applications of PVC sheets is explained

Author: admin / 2023-02-02
Among the characteristics are particularly outstanding is the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, PVC sheet is a very good performance system of engineering plastics raw materials, such as PVC plastic sheet high wear resistance, impact resistance, very low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating properties, excellent low temperature, chemical corrosion resistance, etc..
       As a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance, UHMWPE was mainly used in textile, paper and food industries in the early stage of development, but with the progress of science and technology, it can be used in different processing methods to produce a variety of products, so the application areas are also expanding.
At present, in addition to the above-mentioned applications, there are mining machinery, construction machinery, transportation machinery, material lining and atomic energy and other cutting-edge technology fields are also gaining important applications. PVC plastic sheet can be used in a large number of construction industry, chemical industry, for chemical, environmental protection, construction plastic sheet has wear resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance; construction plastic sheet can also be recycled, strength, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deformation, reuse and other characteristics. And the current replacement of hard plastic pallets, can also be recycled and processed, greatly reducing the cost of production.
PVC sheet construction quality acceptance standards: material, color, paving should meet the requirements of households; surface flat, smooth, no wrinkles and shall not warp and bulge; consistent color, tight joints, four sides straight, decoupling shall not be greater than 20c square meters, its spacing shall not be less than 500mm; and the combination of pipes should be tight, firm, flat; skirting board and plastic board connection tight, skirting board top edge straight, the full length of the height difference is not greater than ± 3mm, and the wall surface closely, no gaps.