What Are The Advantages Of Color

Author: admin / 2022-03-25

  The main raw material of PVC foam board is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), in which additives are added, and the produced board can also be called Chevron board or Andy board. The PVC foam board has a beautiful appearance, comfortable hand feel, rich and colorful colors, and the surface can be processed by printing, coloring, laminating, painting, and other processes. Therefore, the use of PVC foam board is becoming more and more popular. This article mainly introduces the advantages of color PVC foam board and where is it generally used?

  The advertising boards made of PVC material are very light, especially some larger advertising boards, so the transportation and installation are very convenient, which can greatly save the cost of transportation and installation. The advertising board made of colored PVC foam board will not fade. The color PVC foam board has a smooth surface, good flatness, easy to absorb ink, and even investment. It is widely used in advertising screen printing, flat printing, and painting; engraving, modeling; Signage display; Absorption molding, gift, handicraft manufacturing, etc. Therefore, it is widely used by many advertising companies.

  PVC is a kind of plastic, and the size and shape of the billboard can be easily cut. Color PVC foam advertising board can be used in many places. Therefore, PVC foam boards can be seen everywhere, such as advertising boards at the door of shops. For example, some roadside lightboxes are also made of PVC foam board. Many outdoor advertisements are also made of this material.