What Are The Performance Characteristics Of WPC Foam Board?

Author: admin / 2022-04-29

  Durable, some of the main features of WPC foam board are the following: Long service life. Similar to the appearance of pure wood, the hardness is higher than that of plastic, and the physical property stability is better than that of wood materials. In actual use, there will be no cracks, and the phenomenon of deflection will not have the same scars or twills as wood. If you want to obtain products of different colors, you can add a certain amount of film, colorant, or composite surface layer in the production process. Its thermoplastic properties are similar to those of plastics, so it is easy to process and relatively easy to form. You only need to use ordinary plastic processing technology. The product can be processed and formed, the equipment investment is low, which is conducive to popularization and application, and it has the secondary processing performance of wood. Maintenance, product specification, and shape adjustment can be carried out according to the needs of users, the flexibility is not large, strong anti-moth-eaten performance, strong anti-aging performance, strong anti-corrosion performance, small water absorption, It will not cause serious deformation due to excessive absorption of moisture in the air. The cost for product maintenance is relatively low.

  The disadvantage is that its toughness is significantly lower than that of the base metal, and it has greater energy dissipation performance. The physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties of plastic-wood materials are similar to those of naturally grown wood, and their prices are getting closer to the market price of wood. By comparing the comprehensive performance of traditional wooden pallets and new plastic-wood composite pallets, it is found that the production interest of some low-end products made of plastic-wood materials is similar to the market price of wood, while others have better performance than wood. It can be seen that with the progress of the times, the application of wood will be replaced largely.