What is the general thickness of PVC hard cover board? How is the waterproof and moisture-proof effect?

Author: admin / 2022-11-21
Now in the purchase of board materials, it is still recommended to go carefully some, because the board material it is divided into many different cases, some board material it actually quality is not able to meet the requirements, so we try to figure out its real quality situation, and then go to choose, today to bring you the experience on PVC hard cover board.
First: consider its scope of application
In fact, the current scope of application of PVC hard cover plate is still relatively large, for example, in some wall soft package hard package can be used, but its thickness is not the same, the current common thickness is between 5 mm to 12 mm, the thickness is too large, the thickness is too thin is not good, so we must go to consider the thickness of the situation. Because if he used in the soft package, the thickness may not be too thick, and if used in more important parts, the thickness can not be too thin, so about its thickness, especially need to pay special attention to the issue.
Second: understand its specifications
In addition to the common thickness specifications, but also to understand its density specifications and about some of its other parts and whether to support non-standard customization, because now some manufacturers are also to provide non-standard customization, in fact, the advantages of the PVC hard cover board is still relatively large, it is waterproof, moisture-proof sound insulation, the application process also has a certain flame retardant effect, so it is really good, plus it has a certain scratch-resistant Effect, rich color is more colorful, size is more stable, durable, this product we can rest assured that the choice, but also must know that not all manufacturers are really worthy of our trust, we still have to look at the time of selection of this manufacturer's comprehensive strength in the end, the quality of the manufacturer is really trustworthy, so it is recommended that we pay attention to these.