Will The High Temperature Outdoors Deform The WPC Foam Board?

Author: admin / 2022-07-29

  Friends who have a certain knowledge of outdoor WPC foam board know that it has many advantages, as well as the advantages of waterproof and mildew resistance that other wooden floors do not have, so outdoor WPC foam board has always been very popular. But after all, nothing is perfect. The most discussed outdoor WPC foam board is that high temperatures will make it deformed.

  1. Will the high temperature outdoors make the WPC foam board deform?

  1. In summer, the temperature is generally very high, especially after rain, the most common problems of ordinary wooden floors are thermal expansion and cold contraction. At high temperatures, the water inside the wood will evaporate and absorb the moisture after rain, resulting in the shrinkage of the volume, so that the floor joints will be deformed by raising and shrinking. However, the surface layer of the outdoor WPC foam board has a special coating, which can effectively block most of the ultraviolet rays and avoid deformation to a large extent.

  2. Thermal expansion and cold contraction are common, so when installing a WPC foam board, pay attention to the gap between the floors. When installing, the appropriate installation distance and installation method should be selected according to the geographical environment at that time, and the selection of the following bedding materials should also be consistent with the environment.

  3. Some PVC foam board manufacturers with poor technology will cut corners in the production process, or their floor technology has not reached the level of moisture-proof so that they cannot effectively resist ultraviolet rays, and it is easy to deform after thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when choosing plastic wood materials, you should choose powerful PVC foam board manufacturers.

  4. When the quality of the WPC foam board is excellent and the construction process is mature, there is generally no high-temperature deformation. Of course, some external factors are unavoidable, such as the underground laying of pipes, water cooling, and heat of pipes, which lead to thermal expansion and contraction of outdoor WPC foam board, etc.

  2. Cleaning and maintenance skills of outdoor WPC foam board

  1. WPC foam board is used outdoors, and fallen leaves or mud often fall on the floor. These wastes only need to be rinsed with a high-pressure water gun. WPC foam board has high density and high water resistance, and will not become mildew due to flooding.

  2. The WPC foam board often has dirt and residues such as fruit and vegetable milk. In such cases, soap can be used. It is very effective to use soapy water and a plastic brush to remove the pollutants on the WPC foam board. WPC foam board sometimes has traces of other colors, which can be easily treated with alcohol and acetone. Of course, bleach or floor cleaners can also be used to remove dirt. If there are oil stains or other stubborn stains, don't worry, then ordinary kitchen detergent can be used in large quantities, just rinse with water after use. If there are ink stains, you can brush with hot soapy water, then rinse with clean water.