Introduction To WPC Foam Board Connection

Author: admin / 2022-12-30

  WPC foam board has brought some necessary functions to our production and life, what is the connection of WPC foam board? Next, let's take a look at GEGE PVC Sheet together.

  WPC foam board is filled with heat insulation material in the extruded wood-plastic profile. The sheet is made of stone powder (calcium carbonate, talcum powder), PVC organic compound (or substitute resin) and other inorganic materials as auxiliary materials, with acceptable additives, compounded and extruded at high temperature. This kind of board integrates enclosure, heat preservation and decoration. The thickness of the wood-plastic foam board is basically between 100mm and 150mm, and the length can also be customized according to the needs. According to relevant data testing, the combustion performance of the wood-plastic wall parts reaches B1 level flame retardant, and the fire resistance limit reaches 2h

  It can be seen that this kind of WPC foam board is suitable for the outer walls and partition walls of evacuation passages of residential buildings with three floors and below, and the fire resistance class is four, and it is also suitable for the inner partition walls of houses. Buildings are class 3 and fire resistant. For public buildings, according to Article 5.1.2 of GB50016 "Code for Fireplace Protection in Buildings", non-combustible wall components are only applicable to non-load-bearing external walls and elevator walls, unit walls, porch partition walls, and each internal partition wall. According to the provisions of 5.3.1, the number of floors of the fourth floor non-combustible building shall not be 2 floors. It can be seen that this kind of board is suitable for the exterior walls and interior partition walls of public buildings with a fire resistance rating of four and below. For industrial buildings, according to Article 3.2.1 of GB50016 "Code for the Protection of Fireplaces in Buildings", non-combustible wall components are only suitable for non-load-bearing external walls and factory buildings with fireplaces, and the resistance grades of partition walls in warehouses are grades 3 and 4. wall. Wood-plastic foam board can also be used as a thermal insulation and decorative integrated board, which is faithfully connected with most structures and forms a thermal insulation and decorative wall system with the bottom wall. Wood-plastic foam boards are suitable for ready-made buildings.