What are the advantages of PVC foam board compared with other boards?

Author: admin / 2022-12-01
What are the advantages of PVC foam board compared with other boards? Before we figure out this problem, we come to first look at the main component of PVC foam board is polyvinyl chloride, which is often referred to as PVC, PVC is an environmentally friendly non-toxic original village material, what are the other panels are mainly ecological panels, plywood, particle board and so on. The following PVC foam board manufacturers Gege mirror industry technicians to answer you in detail.
One. Different raw materials
    PVC foam board compared to ecological board, particle board, the big advantage is safe and environmentally friendly, does not contain formaldehyde ingredients. All the ecological board, plywood, particle board is glued together, therefore, no matter how environmentally friendly ecological board and particle board, there is formaldehyde inside the composition. And PVC is a world-recognized non-toxic raw materials, in many non-food-grade packaging will be used in PVC, such as the usual plastic bottles, plastic cups we use, these are made of PVC, so PVC foam board is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly non-toxic, bath cabinet production, carving design can be safe and worry-free use it.

Two, the PVC foam board waterproof, not afraid of water, not deformed
    Waterproof is another advantage of PVC foam board, it can be directly soaked in water does not change shape, and ecological board, particle board are afraid of moisture, water is easy to become open shape, rise, superior to the top layer of the composite film layer, it is easy to rupture. Now furniture factories are choosing to use PVC foam board to design closets and bath cabinets for the same reason. pvc siding is also not afraid of water, not deformed!

Three, PVC foam board fire retardant
    Another advantage of PVC foam board is fireproof, PVC foam board itself is not combustible, it will only follow in the fire, once it leaves the fire source, it will be immediately extinguished, therefore, fireproof and flame retardant is another advantage of PVC foam board than other ecological board, particle board.
Four, light weight
    Light weight is also another advantage of PVC foam board, for example, a 15MM board, ecological board is about 25KG, while PVC foam board is about 17KG. The light weight of PVC foam board leads to low transportation cost, easy to carry, and light weight is also another advantage of PVC foam board.
Five, protect the ecological balance
    The protection of ecological balance is the PVC foam board on the ecological board, particle board big advantage. pvc foam board production process does not need to use any trees, while ecological board, particle board need to use a lot of wood, serious damage to the ecological balance. Now the country is promoting the protection of ecological resources, can be budgeted to, more than five or six years, it is estimated that all the ecological board, particle board can only rely on imports mainly, the cost of imports will be greatly increased.
The above is "what is the advantage of PVC foam board compared with other boards?" In the pursuit of nature's wood grain, we must also consider environmental protection, formaldehyde and other issues, why the new room is easy to move cancer, is because the panel added a lot of glue, these glues are highly toxic. Newly renovated will be released in large quantities, even after several years of living, there are still trace amounts of harmful gases present. I believe that technology continues to progress, there will be both environmentally friendly, but also the wood texture of the product is introduced.