How to properly store PVC foam board?

Author: admin / 2022-11-29
PVC foam board for the placement requirements or quite high, otherwise directly affect the PVC foam board deformation, how to properly store PVC foam board is very critical, because PVC foam board is a foam board, its hardness in all aspects are not as solid wood board, then how to properly store PVC foam board? The following PVC foam board manufacturers Gege mirror industry technician to answer you in detail.
PVC foam board placement methods.
    One, do not place the PVC foam board in the direct sun burst place or car, because PVC foam board in the high temperature will produce serious deformation, must avoid placing in a high temperature environment.
    Second, so the PVC foam board should not be stored upright, must be placed flat on the ground, if the PVC foam board is placed upright, after a period of time, it will produce bending deformation.
    Third, PVC foam board in transit, please be sure to play wooden tow or use paper wrapping to prevent its deformation in transit.
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