What are the reasons why PVC free foam board is widely used in the building materials industry?

Author: admin / 2022-11-07
For the building materials industry, material innovation is constantly in progress. pvc free foam board is a new material that is widely used in the building materials industry at this stage, mainly because this material has great advantages in terms of comprehensive performance, so what are the advantages of this material?
A. Mature production line
The most basic factor for the application of a new material is to have a mature production line, although PVC free foam board this material is only in recent years began to be promoted and applied, but the production technology has been relatively mature, both production equipment and production technology have formed a scale, with a mature production line, which is also widely used as the basis for the reason.
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Second, the unique performance
In terms of performance, PVC free foam board has the common characteristics of PVC material products, that is, rainproof, fire-resistant and anti-static. These characteristics are very important in the building materials industry, and can be widely used in various industries in the basic requirements, it is because this material has these special properties, has a large market demand, in addition, the molding is relatively easy is also a customer very important characteristics.
Third, low cost and high output
Compared with other building materials, the cost of PVC free foam board is relatively low, both the cost of raw materials and the cost of production equipment are much lower than many materials with the same function, and based on the characteristics of raw materials and product characteristics, it can be produced in large quantities on a production line at the same time, shortening the production process and greatly improving production efficiency, which is a new low-cost and high-yield It is a new material with high production capacity and low cost.