20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor Custom

20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor

20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor
  • 20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor
  • 20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor
  • 20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor


PVC foam board introduction

Thickness range 2MM-30MM
Density range 0.4g/cm³-1.2g/cm³
Size range
the regular size is 1220MM×2440MM
Other sizes can be customized according to the specific needs of customers
Color white or color can be produced
Surface smooth or single-sided embossing
Features waterproof, insect-proof

Product description

The 20MM White Thin PVC Foam Board is a versatile material commonly used for wall decor due to its lightweight, durable, and versatile properties. Here are the product parameters:
Thickness Range: This foam board comes in a thickness range of 2MM to 30MM. In this case, the thickness is 20MM.
Density Range: The density of the foam board can range from 0.4g/cm³ to 1.2g/cm³, with the 20MM board likely falling within this range.
Size Range: The regular size for this PVC foam board is 1220MM × 2440MM (approximately 4 feet by 8 feet). However, other sizes can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers. This flexibility in sizing allows for various applications in wall decor.
Color: The standard color for this foam board is white. However, it's worth noting that this material can be produced in various colors to suit different design preferences and applications.
Surface: The surface of the foam board can be either smooth or single-sided embossed. The choice between a smooth or embossed surface may depend on the intended use and aesthetic preferences. The embossed surface can add texture and visual interest to the wall decor.
Waterproof: This PVC foam board is resistant to water, making it suitable for areas where moisture is a concern, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
Insect-Proof: The material is designed to be insect-proof, which is essential for maintaining the quality and appearance of wall decor over time.
In summary, the 20MM White Thin PVC Foam Board is a customizable material suitable for a wide range of wall decor applications. It offers options for size, color, and surface finish while providing important features like waterproofing and insect resistance, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial interior design projects.
Hangzhou Gege Mirrors Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Zhongli Industrial Park, Yinong Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. As a leading China 20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor suppliers and OEM/ODM 20MM White thin pvc foam board for walls decor company. It is an old-fashioned manufacturing factory (previously helping foreign trade companies to process), now it is converted to self-produce and export. It can produce PVC foam board, bathroom cabinet and mirror by itself. The annual output of PVC foam board is 8,000 tons.


Since 2011, an integrated production model has been realized from the production of PVC foam board to the production of bathroom cabinets and mirrors. At present, the company has 10 years of professional production technology experience in PVC foam board, 15 years of bathroom cabinet production skills and 17 years of mirror production experience.
PVC foam board is used in the production of bathroom cabinet cabinets, hotel or home wall soft and hard package lining boards, integrated wall panels, car and boat cabinets, decorative panels, construction templates, outdoor flower boxes, printing and inkjet Base plate, outdoor plant wall base plate, carving crafts, etc.



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