What should I pay attention to in the paint design of PVC foam board?

Author: admin / 2022-11-25
PVC foam board paint design to pay attention to what? PVC foam board surface smooth, hard, not easy to produce scratches, such as PVC cabinet painting process, PVC bathroom cabinet painting process, etc., then PVC foam board paint design to pay attention to what? The following PVC foam board manufacturers Gege technicians to answer you in detail.
First, you can use the engraving machine to shape according to the design, and then choose the surface to paste the Menai board or baking paint; but the hollow foam board needs to pay attention to, if the surface is uneven, you can only choose the vacuum overmolding method, and the material should choose the 2㎜ thick PVC board.
Second, bending molding is only applicable to solid foam board, hollow foam board is not applicable; processing method is to use the upper and lower molds, the surface of the wooden mold covered with aluminum and solid foam board heated to a plasticization temperature of 70 ~ 90 ℃, the use of the upper and lower mold directly out of the shape of foam board surface and will not have any changes.
Third, self-adhesive PVC can be printed with different patterns of wood grain on the surface according to the demand during the extrusion manufacturing, which can save unnecessary processing procedures.
Fourth, the PVC foam board surface baking paint treatment, and the total category according to the different processing methods can be divided into general baking paint, piano baking paint, ceramic baking paint; in the piano baking paint processing will add anti-UV components to avoid changes in the surface color; in the surface hardness and ceramic baking paint is superior with the advantages of anti-scratch.
Note: PVC foam board sprayed with special paint. Ordinary PVC sheet paint adhesion are not very good. There are soft and hard plastic paint distinction. Because PVC contains more plasticizers, easy to precipitate over time, will be yellowing, easy to lose color. There are pvc foam board and PP foam board on the market, and PVC crust foam board, but the PVC crust foam board hardness is high. The PVC bathroom cabinet painting process is generally PVC crust foam board to do. pvc bathroom cabinet painting process is generally sprayed with primer to smooth the trachoma, and then sprayed with color top coat varnish, spray UV varnish better.