Related Products Of PVC Sheet

Author: admin / 2022-04-08

  The product characteristics of polyvinyl chloride sheet are natural color film, slightly blue light film, all kinds of colored film; (which can be produced according to the sample or standard color card provided by customers) transparent film, translucent film, opaque film; light film, Qingdao PVC coiled material, frosted sheet (both thickness and thickness), single and double film, matte white (black); PVC sheet is a new material, common material; PVC sheet can be antistatic (is a static state charge) sheet, anti-ultraviolet sheet.

  PVC sheet is an amorphous material with low moisture absorption and poor mobility. The use of PVC sheets and coil flooring will be different. The color pattern of the sheet PVC floor is richer and thicker than the coiled material, and the sheet is more suitable for small-area occasions, and the sheet floor is also used on occasions that require brilliant decorative results. The PVC sheet selects the suitable PVC coil floor according to the flow of people and the design and use period of the use occasion. This link is very important. Careless selection of materials will directly lead to continuous quality problems in the subsequent use of the floor. In order to improve mobility and prevent the generation of air bubbles, the plastic layout: synthetic resin, plasticizer, invariant, colorant) can be pre-dried. The casting system of the mold should be thick and short, the gate section should be large, and there should be no dead corners. Molds must be cooled, and chrome plating on the outside is best for recycling special equipment and molds due to its corrosive, aggressive, and mobile characteristics.